Sunday, September 12, 2010

9/12/10 - NYMAAC Fall Picnic in Central Park

Kate: It's gays learning from gays!
(Gay strangers showed Jon how to fold up his picnic blanket)

8/28/10 - Holly's Beach House

Holly: I'm so cold.
Lindsay: Then put some pants on.
Holly: I am wearing pants!
Lindsay: Then you're just a failure as a squaw, aren't you?  Someone should start a fire.  Maybe one of the squaws.

Holly: I'd like to say I never doubted the chart, but there was a moment when I looked at it and said, "Fuck."

Matt D: Your wallet is pretty big for having nothing in it.
(on Andrew Deluxe's purported brokeness)

8/1/10 - The Liberty Science Center

Jeremy: Let's go play with something!  Something that moves!
(anxious to get to the biology exhibits)

Jeremy: I'm different but you're the same.
(he took a separate staircase from the rest of us)

7/5/10 - Games at Puddhaven or Kittyboo (don't remember)

Sara: Vincent, are there any of your things you don't want brought to the new house?
Vincent: Bubsy.

Sara: Christmas is for stupid things.
(differentiating from birthdays which are for thoughtful gifts)

Andrew: We've been gnomeless for some time.
Sara: Did you go to a gnomeless shelter?

Sara: Lindsay's gayer than you are, based on her participation in the band.

Andrew: Pigs are pigs, Dan.

Andrew: Are you going to baptize the thing?

(Sara/Dan/Lindsay, if you remember the context for any of these quotes, please comment!)