Sunday, January 3, 2010

August 2005

8/4/05 - 8/5/05: Phi Sigma Pi Grand Chapter Conference in Monroeville, PA

  • Sara: Remember the time we were … driving?  I don’t either. (Stuck in traffic)
  • Sara: We should get cash prizes for this.

  • Andrew: Queerie?
    : Point of sexual orientation!
    (Fun with Robert's Rules)
  • Girl: Ya know what I’m saying?
    : I can’t answer you, so I’m just going to keep staring at you.
    : Okay, I wasn’t really asking you.
    (Confusion between delegate and chair)

  • Sara: It was a very caj wedding. We didn’t even have a rabbi.
    : Or a yarmulke.
    : Or a heterosexual groom.
    (We staged a false Jewish wedding as part of our duties in the Peanut Gallery)

8/27/05: Somewhere for Ben's Birthday

  • Kathleen: Five-year-olds have been born five times since you were born!

8/31/05: Somewhere

  • Jennelle: He just wanted to go to the conference so he can save his race by mating with some tree nymph.
    Nick: Fairy princess!
  • Andrew: I’m through with hugging big, drunk men.
    : I’m not.
  • Kathleen: What is this love thing?  I don’t know.

  • Kathleen: We’re like the worst hurricanes ever.
  • Andrew: I’m gonna go out for a smoke.

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