Friday, January 1, 2010

July 2005

7/3/05: An evening at Mary's

  • Lucas: Why would I cheat?
    : I’m drunk and stupid.  Why wouldn’t you?

  • Mary: Everybody but me doesn’t suck at this game!

  • Doug M: You’re gonna get sick.
    : Don’t say sick.

Somewhere else

  • Kathleen: If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll get psoriasis!

7/4/05: Rockland County with the Franzeses/Ethes

  • Doug E: Doesn’t Corona taste like pee?
    : I’ve never tasted pee

7/16/05: Various

  • Laura: You’ve tuned in to ‘Keep Him or Dump Him’, with Jeanne.
  • Alex: There’s one Ben, and half of another Ben in my world.
  • Andrew: Um, what did people do at bar mitzvahs before 1981? (about “Celebrate”)
  • Shihan M: If anyone has any objection to listening to the Yankees, please let me know.
  • Andrew: Dan is the reason we get pie.
    : That’s why I keep him around.
  • Andrew: I wouldn’t describe Sarah McLachlan as a “crooner.”
    and Sara: Or a tree fucker!

7/23/05: Don't remember where

  • Sara: If you like Kathleen, try her mom.
  • Dan: If they jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge…
    : Bridge no, ass grab yes.
  • Sara: It’s still a bachelorette party because you’re a bachelorette now!
    : But there’ll be guys there.
    : And we can hook up with them!
    : No, I meant us.

7/24/05: ESPN Zone, possibly?

  • Michelle: I was the Michael Jordan of Phi Sig.

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