Sunday, February 14, 2010

April 2006

4/7/06-4/9/06: Beta Epsilon, MariAnne Memorial Weekend

  • Pamela: Jews'll cut you, take your money, and invest it.
  • Pamela: If I were sober and nice to people, I'd be my little.
  • Lindsay: Oh, honey, no gavel no listen.
  • Lindsay: Watching a chick flick before going to bed is like eating an entire pizza by yourself.
  • Lindsay: It's like I'm being raped and I have e-coli and I like it.
  • Lindsay: Were you there when Andrew's disembodied hand flew out the window and smacked him in the face?
    (Too much to explain here, but it's sung to the tune of a certain Christian hymn)
4/11/06: A visit to Allison and Jeremy's and possibly Jonah's apartment in West New York, NJ

  • Kim: Mercury provides much more entertainment than Pixie does.
    Lindsay: Yeah, that's because all Pixie does is bleed all over the place.
4/16/06: Irrelevant.  This could happen anywhere.

  • Kim: I can't believe I choked on my own sound effect.
4/30/06: Long Island City, just outside the Church of Christ on 21st Street

  • Lindsay: There are donuts in the sky!
    Kim: Big, tall, terrible donuts in the Church of Christ!
    (It smelled like donuts, and we expressed that through Sondheim)

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