Monday, February 15, 2010

August 2006

8/2/06: Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: I hate newscasters. They keep interrupting my stories to tell me it's hot.
8/3/06: Dunno

  • Lindsay: When life hands you teens, don't touch them or you'll go to jail.
8/4/06: Puddhaven

  • Pixie (via Lindsay): It's like a fucking sauna in there! Just put some wood chips in it and be done!
8/5/06: Somewhere with redheads

  • Dan: You've entered four pounds of beet burgers.  There is no food in the oven.
    (his impersonation of my parents' malfunctioning convection oven)
  • Sara: I love toaster ovens but I just feel like toasters are up to something.
  • Sara: Don't give me your penguin smack!
8/7/06: A place where we can't make fun of people's moms

  • Lindsay: You look funny.
    Kim: So does yer m-
8/14/06: Puddhaven, featuring Courtney!

  • Lindsay: Apparently I don't stare at your chest enough.
    Courtney: That makes you an army of one.
8/18/06: Puddhaven

  • Courtney: How about instead of driving through her vibrato, I just pull over to the side and die?
    (on the Into the Woods drinking game we invented)
  • Lindsay: He bent me over, took a pole, lit it on fire, and shoved it up my ass.
8/20/06: Don't know, but probably Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: I want to go on a tour bus and point at everything saying "It's the Empire State Building!"
  • Kim: I am like a sieve, so I'm constantly forgetting my fabulousness.
8/26/06: Puddhaven

  • Courtney: She actually doesn't like it when you pay attention to her. That gets you bitten.
    (about her cat, Darcy)

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