Monday, February 15, 2010

October 2006

10/5/06: Angry about Cheerios

  • Andrew: Buzzy Wuzzy was a fuckin BEE!  On a cereal box!
10/11/06: Somewhere

  • Lindsay: [Playing the clarinet] is like riding a bike ... with your mouth.
    (Lindsay tries to convince someone to dust off their clarinet and play again.)
10/14/06: Sposa Bella, shopping for Sara's wedding dress

  • Sara: Me and my dress can be in two different counties!
  • Lindsay: Grace Kelly's Rum Surprise!
  • Dan: Music and getting fat.
    (Dan names the Smarty Party categories at which he excels.)
  • Sara: That's going to be my child's autobiography, "Chewing on Scissors."
  • Lindsay: I'll have a glass of water.
    Sara: And some lettuce.
    Lindsay: And hold the lettuce.
10/15/06: Andrew's parents' house, Commack

  • Alex: Never look through a kaleidoscope in a cold house.
10/17/06: Someplace

  • Andrew: That's how I make eggs.  I pour cereal into a bowl and say, "Fuck eggs."
10/24/06: Puddhaven

  • Courtney: It's purple today! I can sleep for twenty more minutes!
  • Courtney: I don't know why I'm worried about who I'm taking to my uncle's wedding.  I'll just take Will ... who doesn't exist.
  • Courtney: Kitty, what do you want?
    Lindsay: Souls.

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