Saturday, February 13, 2010

November 2005

11/6/05: We were playing Taboo somewhere

  • Kathleen: Giant monkey
    Jennelle: King Kong
    Kathleen: He had a friend.
    Jennelle: Hong Kong
11/26/05: This feels like it was at Kathleen's (parents') house

  • Sara: I kick ass, save lives, and bake cakes.
  • Brad: You use your teeth to eat this?
    Kathleen: Yeah.  What did you use, your eye?
  • Sara: You've been voted out of the generation.
  • Sara: It's the Great Pumpkin, you!
  • Kira: Shodan Ho means the next person to test for shodan.  Dojo Ho means someone who sleeps around at the dojo.
  • Kira: Have you ever heard of homosexual chicken?
    Brad: Is that when two gay guys run into each other?
  • Brad: There's really no comeback to "You're stupid."
    Kira: Yes there is.  It's called, "Your mom."

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