Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 2006

2/4/06-2/5/06: Beta Epsilon Founders Weekend

  • Lindsay: I think I was just served water by a pixie.
    (This is actually true.)
  • Krystal: Guess who's not getting her special chips!
  • Jess: Oh! You're sitting on Mike Noll!
    (Ever since 2002, Jess has been imagining Mike Noll at BE Founders Day)
  • Nicole: I am a financial adviser now.
    Lindsay: I'm ... going to kill myself.
  • Greg: I'm a Princess.
    Krystal: I have to walk away because I can't stop laughing at you.
  • Lindsay: I like to rape puppies on Founders Day.
    (upon hearing some brothers were trying to sabotage Founders Day)
  • Ashley: Whatever.  You say Raoul, I say potato.  It's fine.
  • Jess: The milk is worth points.
    (The milk had gotten around)
  • Lindsay: It makes me feel like I've been raped, and I liked it.
    (about "I Like the Way You Move")
  • Lindsay: I am demure and sedate.
    Emily: What?
    Greg: Please use smaller vocabulary so our secretary can record it.
    Lindsay: I sit and shut up.
  • Lindsay: This blows ... F.
    Andrew: This blows fuck?
    Lindsay: This blows ... grade F.

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