Sunday, February 14, 2010

March 2006

3/11/06: A place where people were

  • Laura: There's enough to go around.  It's Christ!
  • Ben: How was the hotel they put you up in?
    Kathleen: I heard, "How was the Nutella Bitch-wuppin?"
3/25/06-3/26/06:  A visit from Louise

  • Lindsay: I want to let you know right now that I can't fucking stand you.
    (The beginning of a beautiful roommateship)
  • Mary: Is your mother still in Germany?
    Louise: She was in Denmark.
    Mary: Oh, one of those lederhosen countries.
  • Sara: I don't do windows and I don't shuffle.
  • Dan: Son of a fuck!
    Lindsay: Yes, that's usually how it happens.
  • Louise: I'm fucked.
    Sara: Speaking to you from fucked, I can tell you you're not there.
    (Sounds like a game of Phase Ten)
  • Sara: I'm skipping Louise.  This is a postcard from fucked.
    (Definitely Phase Ten.  We get our best quotes from that game.)
  • Lindsay: Celbrate good times ... aw, come on!
  • Sara: Do not fuck that duck!
  • Dan: We can go to Ashley's and you can get frozen yogurt, or we can go to Ashley's and you can fuck off, or we can go to Tastee D-Lite.
    (Louise brings out the best in us)
3/29/06: A trip to Coldstone Creamery in Times Square

  • Kim: Did you play during the show or during intermission?
    Lindsay: Oh, during intermission.  It's too dark during the show.
    (On playing Scrabble at a Broadway theater)
  • Lindsay: Three umlauts?  Even the Germans would find that excessive.
    (On Coldstone's menu item, "Germanchökolätekäke")

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