Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 2007 (The last of the big quoting months)

2/3/07: Started with bridesmaid dress shopping, and then Crackfiends showed up

  • Lindsay: Why did she hire two turds to walk down the aisle?
    Alex: What are those large piles of shit?
    (The bridesmaids on what the wedding guests would say about their dresses)
  • Sara: She asked for a French manicure, and that's what she got.
    Andrew: She got a Bed-Stuy manicure
    (on what happens when Alex goes to the nail salon with Karina)
  • Lindsay: Now I know what a sausage feels like.
  • Sara: We should play Celebrities now.
    Alex: I want to lick you all over.
  • Andrew: Is that to prevent fires?
    Laura: No, it's to prevent death.
  • Brad: I once had the neatest vomit.
  • Disuhan: I'm going to live with a Republican.
  • Lindsay: This apartment smacks of gay rights and free health care for all.
    (Someone must have said the apartment smells like ... the Netherlands?)
  • Disuhan: There was an old alien movie.  There was an alien in it.
  • Lindsay: I shot my wad with "bear."
  • Lindsay: Three little turds from school are we.
  • Brad: Who says "butterscotch enema?"
    Sara: I'm pretty sure that's the first time that's ever been said.
  • Brad: What movie is "Pralines 'n' Dick" from?
    Sara: Why do you keep putting these foods in those places?
2/4/07: Somewhere else

  • Brad: Berry is popular among the ladies.
    Alex: I vomit when I drink that stuff.
    Brad: I meant ladies that don't say "vomit."
2/12/07: Puddhaven

  • Andrew (to Lindsay): Are you going to hang that on your wall?
    Courtney: Not unless Kristin Chenoweth signs it.
2/13/07: Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: Kitty, go fuck yourself.
    Darcy (via Lindsay): Okay, but I'm doing it in your room.
2/14/07: Puddhaven?

  • Lindsay: Jew, when did Jesus die?
2/16/07: Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: I'm spending the night at Josh's.
    Courtney: JoshUA.
    Lindsay: I can call him Josh.
    Courtney: You can, but he won't answer.
    Lindsay: That's because he's NOT REAL.
2/17/07: Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: I can get pregnant from holding hands.
    Andrew: Yes. If Christianity has taught us anything, it's that no woman is safe from the Lord.
2/18/07-2/19/07: New Orleans, LA

  • Lindsay: I would like to cover Bayonne in powdered sugar.
  • Lindsay: Would you like to "Peace the fuck out" too?  Because that guy would.
  • Lindsay: Ugh! I'm going to fucking NOLA, zombie!  What were you thinking?
  • Andrew: I'll show you my DePippo if you show me your Latos Latos.
    (Having fun with the company name "Latos Latos and DePippo," advertised on Astoria Blvd)
  • Doug: The parade hasn't started because Harry Connick, Jr. is having sex with his go go boys.
    Andrew: Well if the parade is delayed, of course it's because of gay sex.
  • Doug: I don't want to touch titties.
    Scott: But they squeak!
  • Unattributed: No, Lindsay doesn't to cows, she's straight.
    (This could have been any of us, including Lindsay)

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