Sunday, February 14, 2010

May 2006

5/12/06: A couch

  • Juli: I'm not used to sitting on a couch.
    Jeremy: You need to get an apartment.
5/13/06: No idea

  • Kim: If it's in use, fuck me.
    (wish I knew what this was about)
  • Andrew: Listen, I'm gay and you asked for it.
    (probably justifying an inappropriate comment)
5/20/06: Not Afghanistan

  • Lindsay: My Afghanistan lifts and separates.
  • Andrew: He is the master of the rabbit women.
    (sorry, no clue)
5/21/06: Somewhere

  • Andrew: It's too early for clitoris.
    (I happen to think that's always true.)
 5/22/06: The elevator at Acxiom Digital

  • Lindsay: Remind me never to have relations in your elevator.
    (on the surveillance cameras)
 5/25/06: LGBAC Marching Band rehearsal

  • Marita: You can't even pee without someone telling you how great our band is!
    (And she tried!)
5/28/06: A bench

  • Andrew: That wasn't a high five, it was a talk-to-the-hand!
  • Lindsay: Too much ass and not enough bench.
  • Andrew: That's like karaoke night at the Asian nursing home.
    (Don't know what this is about, but the original quote has the note "(wing)" next to it.

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