Tuesday, February 9, 2010

October 2005

10/7/05-10/9/05: Homecoming Weekend at Syracuse

  • Andrew: Maybe on the first plane ride she was seated next to a Jehovah's Witness.
    Dan: And on the second plane ride, she was seated next to John Goodman.
    (imagining the worst possible plane trip for Lindsay)
  • Dan: In Soviet Russia, apples pick you.
  • Dan: You're listening to Satan's Armpit on WFUV.
  • Andrew: European men must not have cocks.
    (on the crotch room in H&M pants)
  • Andrew: It's the redheads in their natural habitat.
  • Nate: I tried to decorate the basement nicely since I was down there long enough.
    Sara: Thanks.  I'm keeping your lava lamp.
    (During a game of Phase Ten)
  • Sasha: We're the grab-assing twig of the Holly branch of the Thing tree!
  • Lindsay: When I'm sleeping with you, I'm sleeping with every priest you've ever slept with.
  • Micah: Rosenberg to Rosehill?  That's an upgrade, I feel like.
  • Lindsay: I played three instruments.  One with my mouth, one with my nose, and one with my no.
  • Lindsay: I don't know if there's an orifice on my face that your finger hasn't been in.
  • Andrew: You're odd. You are not what god intended.
10/14/05: Andrew's first apartment in LIC, NY

  • Mary: Our asses are so mighty, no couch can contain them!
  • Sara: I don't figure things out that begin with "i".
    (disdain for Apple products)
  • Laura: So what's the fun part of this game?
    (and that's how Laura feels about games)
  • Mary: If I didn't already live with someone who made out with me, I'd have more reasons to leave the house and go to New Jersey.
  • Jeremy: I would always name all my daughters Peggy.
 10/19/05: Online

  • Jeremy: I'll bring the Monopoly if you promise to bring it.


  1. 1. That was a very funny trip to Syracuse.
    2. Jeremy was talking about LIFE :)

  2. *snif* I'm not tagged? It's not a facebook photo ya know, you CAN tag me in quotes! ;)