Monday, February 15, 2010

September 2006

9/12/06: Puddhaven

  • Courtney: Do you want some tea?
    Lindsay: No, I want you to go fuck yourself.
  • Lindsay: That was my ass.
    Courtney: Now what is it?
  • Lindsay: Lo and I shall be spread upon a cracker and the little children shall come to me and say, "Is that a Ritz?" and I shall say, "No, it is the Lord."
9/20/06: Possibly Puddhaven

  • Lindsay: It's not rape if he buys you lunch.
9/25/06:  Puddhaven

  • Courtney: I am vast because I eat yams and apple dumplings.
    Andrew: Yams that contain multitudes.  "Yams: may contain multitudes."

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