Saturday, February 13, 2010

December 2005

12/2/05: Somewhere with shapes

  • Kathleen: It's a triangle and they're circles and it's on a square!
12/3/05: So long ago, can't remember

  • Matt: If I name children, will you know who I'm talking about?
    Kathleen: You mean old people?
  • Kathleen: Do they go together?
    Andrew: Like ramalamalamadong boobity boopty doop.
12/8/05: AIM, possibly

  • Kathleen: New rule for holiday shopping: you call me ma'am, I leave your store.
 12/17/05: Andrew's first apartment in LIC, NY

  • Dan: Elijah is blue for Jews.  I'll be black for the hell I'm going to.
    (During a game of Perudo)
12/28/05: Borders 0592, or somewhere else.

  • Maribeth: Andrew, stop playing with your banana.
  • Andrew: Dead isn't a color.

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