Saturday, February 13, 2010

January 2006

1/7/06: A party in Boo Haven

  • Mary: Sadler Dellplain.  That sounds like the name of a fictional gumshoe.
    Andrew: Ha! All gumshoes are fictional.
  • Mary: Oh, I forgot to put my name then a colon and I used a quotation mark instead.  I'll just cross it out.  I'm a messy quoter.
    Andrew: I'm allergic to messy quotes.
    Mary: Oh, and I messed up the date.  I am SO fired!
  • Mary: An Ass in the Distance, the Sara R*** Story.
  • Mary: I think that oxygen is funny right now.
  • Disuhan: I didn't know there was liquor in the punch.
    Kathleen: That's what punch is for!  What are we, Hawaiian Punch girl scouts?
  • Disuhan: I'm very fickle with my sausage, though.  Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't.
  • Kathleen: You're like a cock or something.  I swear you're a cock.
    (This was about the Chinese Zodiac)
  • Kathleen: We're creepy invisible people who don't know that copper doesn't smell.
  • Andrew: You're ridin' the chocolate wave, now.
    Dan: Once you've ... never mind.
  • Alex: Petticoat Junction, what's your function?
  • Sara: I feel like Sacajaweah dollars are a big game of keep-away.
    Dan: Sacajaweah dollars are the hot potato of the coin world.
1/28/06: Someplace

  • Disuhan: I can be really cute or cold.
    Brad: Tell me about it.
1/29/06: Somewhere

  • Holly: Luck of the Irish is canceled out by mean of the bitch.
    (Holly had a run in with a surly Irishwoman)

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