Monday, February 15, 2010

June 2006

6/7/06: The Marriott Marquis, et al

  • Andrew: Scrabble is where baby pigs come from.
    (Flipping through the Scrabble dictionary is how we learned of the word "farrow," a litter of pigs.)

  • Kim: I hate sploogy face.
    Lindsay: You've been metaphysically splooged.
6/10/06: Someplace with a bathroom

  • Andrew: Is it your birthday?  Because we're gonna drink Bacardi like it is.

  • Andrew: What happened to you?
    Jeremy: The sink won.
6/17/06: Doug and Amy's apartment

  • Amy: Most people in the world are not as smart as us.  Isn't that annoying?
    Doug: It's annoying, but it's sad that they're our friends.

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